The craze and yearning for Hong Kong Rugby sevens


Back on 28th March 1976, clubs from countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji and Malaysia took part in the first Hong Kong 7’s tournament at the Hong Kong Football Club in Happy Valley. This event was sponsored by Cathay Pacific and Rothman’s Tobacco. It was a significant step because this was one of the earliest rugby tournaments that received commercial sponsorship. This series then developed into a tournament in which national representatives compete with each other and along with this development, this competition moved to the Hong Kong Stadium in 1982. Bill McLaren, the famous commentator and sports journalist from BBC Sports mentioned about the exuberance of this tournament in his autobiography, Talking of Rugby.

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A brief history and development of the event

He writes that Hong Kong 7’s or Seven-a-side international tournament is unambiguously the most spectacular and best rugby competition of its variety in the whole world. This tournament has most persistently produced the loftiest standards of Seven Rugby anywhere else in the world. In 1998, after the transfer of sovereignty to China, the ticket to this tournament was not available internationally, which caused the event to be stricken with a bankrupt sponsor named Peregrine. But the local authorities strived hard and were successful in implementing their marketing strategies to involve the local populace in this highly entertaining game, which made the event a huge success. Almost after 30 years of this incident, this tournament has not lost its glory even a bit, and seems to have increased as rugby enthusiasts all across the planet are endeavouring to get themselves the rugby sevens tickets for the tournament next year. Visit Keith Prowse Travel for more details.

Getting the highly sought after tickets

So the countdown has already begun, and the concerned authorities are trying their best to cope with the demands of the tickets. However, they are afraid that even the Hong Kong Stadium with 40,000 seats open for three days, would not be able to accommodate the rising number of rugby lovers who come every year to witness of this marvelous event. They have urged the willing ticket buyers to get their tickets from authorized sources and to refrain from buying them from unauthorized sources because it doesn’t guarantee an authenticity of the ticket, which in turn may put your access to the Hong Kong 7’s tournament at stake. The event is going to be held from 7th to 9th April next year and though more than 7 months are still left for the event, the devotees of this game are hankering after the tickets.

If you are one of the hk rugby 7s fans, then it is suggested to stay updated for further information regarding when the tickets will be available online. In case you are hailing from some other country, you can come for a trip to Hong Kong with your family and friends during April and experience the beauty of this wonderful tourist spot along with watching the hk sevens live. It is surely going to be a lifetime experience, and once you come and be a witness to this tournament, you will surely yearn to visit Hong Kong rugby sevens next year. For more details, visit at